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The Fight Is On!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2011 by Luke Summey

I think Satan’s favorite time to hit us is when we’re not looking. I think that just before God does something really cool, Satan gets scared and starts throwing punches in hopes of deterring the inevitable. I’m four days away from moving out of Boone, and less than a week away from my flights to Hawaii. I think now, more than ever, God is preparing my heart for this move; I think now more than ever Satan is upset with that.

For about a week now I feel like I’ve been watching a back-and-forth between God and those forces that try to oppose Him. I’ve watched God come through and then watched Satan try to take away from those victories. I received a much needed check as support for this upcoming semester in Hawaii, and on my way to pick it up found out my car had been wrongfully towed from my own apartment but due to a loop-hole I had to pay for it. I spent time with people I’d been ministering to here at ASU, and was immediately faced with an onslaught of temptation and emotional attacks. I spent time in prayer before God about preparing my heart, and immediately after was thrown into an incredibly discouraging situation. I began to refocus on a project I feel that God has asked me to complete, and immediately my means of doing so grew complications. I began spending time with people I felt led to during my last week in Boone and that night my phone broke, unrepairable, and now I need to buy a new one. Someone who had just moved back from Hawaii mailed me a book about ministry there to help me prepair, as well as a check to aid my ministry there, and it got lost in the mail after several failed attempts for it to arrive at my address. God countered that with another book from an old mentor of mine, something I hadn’t expected.

If anything I should probably be discouraged and upset by all of this. I think if that was my reaction though, Satan would have succeeded. I’m actually encouraged by all of this. If it is a sign of anything, it is that God has plans for Hawaii, and that He wants to use me for some small part of them. I’m excited!

If you would, I would ask that you continue your prayers for me as it seems that Satan is doing his best to thwart the plans of the Most High.

I cannot tell you all just how much your prayers mean to me and how helpful they have been.

الرب يكون معك
(The Lord be with you)


Making A Promise And Living It Out

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2011 by Luke Summey

I laughed when I thought about just how many sermons I’ve heard based off of the passage Isaiah 6:8. I laughed a little bit more when I thought about the implications of the first few words of verse 9 and how they are sometimes mentioned and yet much like the Great Commission, we as believers seem to fail to recognize the intensity behind the command we so often are willing to agree to during an altar call or time of response.

I just finished reading a book that had quite the horrifying seen near the end. The reality of the scene hit me and made me very uncomfortable. A mentor asked his pupil if he would carry out his orders: no matter what they were, without hesitation. The pupil agreed. A few pages later the pupil was lead into a situation of terrible darkness and evil, in which the had to aid his mentor in completing his task despite the looming doom of knowing their mentor could (and likely would) die in the process of fighting evil and bringing about good. In the end, the mentor died and the pupil was left without him; yet he still had a mission to fulfill and a purpose, frightening and horrible as it was, that was before him to pursue with the aid of those who fought the same fight and desired good to triumph over evil. It was a fight that was ever constant, ever tiring, ever rigorous, and yet meant to hold evil at bay (winning battles while the war raged on).

Believe it or not, the book I was reading was not one of the gospels, though there are striking similarity in their stories.

As believers when we respond to God’s call, looking to Isaiah 6:8 or the Great Commission, we are agreeing to do whatever we are asked; no matter how much it changes our lives or throws us into danger. We like to think believers live and work under Gods protection in such a way that we all live comfortably and only do happy-looking ministry. In truth, Christ had no home, no money, food only when given to Him, spent his time with prostitutes, murderers and thieves, and in the end went through serious physical agony until death. Yet our mission (His mission) did not stop with that, but rather that was the beginning of our fight as believers to live as He did, reach those who did not yet know Him, and care not for this physical world but for His kingdom.

Several years ago I told God that I wanted to be pushed outside of my box and comfort zone and do His will no matter what I ended up facing. Four years later I have seen, gone through, suffered, loved, and experienced things and people I’d never imagined. I made mistakes along the way(as we all do) yet constantly sought His face and His purpose. As a result I have a new perspective and understanding of what it means to answer His call.

A month from today I leave for Hawaii. I have not felt called by God to somewhere with this amount of intensity in some time and I know that He has a plan and purpose for me there. The funny/scary thing is I have no idea what it is or what it will look like. My future is a strange and somewhat frightening unknown for me. What I do know is that God is there and that He has a purpose for me. I am to go. I am to answer His call.