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Wha…huh…who….ha….how………Wow God That’s Incredible

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2011 by Luke Summey

Odd title? Not really considering I’ve said that exact phrase close to twenty times lately. God keeps blowing me away and proving that He is way ahead of me in every area of life and that His plans are so much more intricate and extraordinary than my own.

The LGBT Thanksgiving dinner got better before it ever even happened. Women from my Church found out about it and bought/baked dessert for the whole event when we didn’t even have dessert on the menu. An older woman from a small country church here found out about it and donated money to help us make the event bigger and better. We kept discovering that we could do more than we had originally planned to do.  By the end the event was way bigger and better than we had ever originally planned.

I originally only asked if BCM could provide the food and then we were given control of the whole event. I was trying to limit how much the name BCM was used but the LGBT community was super stoked that Christians were loving on them that they kept bringing it up. For thirty-five LGBTers we had three turkeys, a huge green bean casserole, a massive amount of mashed potatoes, tons of stuffing, cranberry…whatever that is people serve at Thanksgiving, gravy, four huge pumpkin pies, ice cream and a chocolately something of goodness someone baked that was enormous.

Everyone that came got a care package that we put together. We got mugs from a goodwill (so they were all unique and different) and put inside a Bookmark that we (John Allison) made that on one side told the LGBT we love them and on the other gave an invitation to our worship service and our monthly coffee shop event, some school supplies,  a turkey made out of construction paper and googly eyes, tons of chocolate kisses, some jello-y thing, and a friendship bracelet that BCMers made the night before.  The last part might be my favorite part. While in Wal*Mart I told Amber that we should put something in the care packages that REALLY told them that we loved them. I decided that meant friendship bracelets. Amber looked at me as I told her oh so matter-of-factly that this was going to happen and said, “Do you know how long it is going to take us to make forty bracelets? We have one day.” I responded with, “But they’ll feel loved!” And so without much more protest she told me that I dreamed crazy dreams, grabbed the kit and then we paid for them. That night Amber went on a recruiting spree and the next thing I knew when I got upstairs to start on my first one Amber had one BCM girl and TEN BCM guys learning to make brightly colored friendship bracelets. Sometimes I think loving other people shows up in the most peculiar ways, but those are often the most beautiful and my favorite.

We had a game and other things planned for the day, but believe it or not, so much beautiful fellowship between the BCM and LGBT was happening with the 35 LGBTers and 15 BCMers that we ignored our program, built friendships, and at the end just gave away the Starbucks gift cards we’d intended for game winners. For as long as I’ve gone there, as soon as 5 o’clock rolls around coffee hour ends and people split immediately. This time, even after going over 30 minutes, people were having to be told to leave and were choosing to continue to hang out elsewhere. Over and over the LGBTers kept expressing their thanks to us and even the next day were praising the “Baptist Collegiate Ministry” (yes, full name, not the acronym) for their Thanksgiving love.

Today two of the girls from the LGBT went to a children’s ministry with two of the BCM girls that one of their churches does and afterward they went and hung out. Several more of us have similar plans with many of them.

Wha…huh…who….ha…how…….Wow God, that’s incredible.


Reaching for the Clouds?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2011 by Luke Summey

So there are two kinds of people in the world: ideators and doers. Ideators are more often referred to as dreamers. Doers are more often referred to as realists. Dreamers are those people who have such crazy huge ideas for the future that the people around them say one of two things: 1) That’s incredible! Do it! (said by fellow dreamer, or 2) You can’t do that. That’s ridiculous (said by a realist).

Here is my two scents worth on the two types of people.

Dreamers need realists to help them have focus to their dreams and to create steps in order to reach the dreamers dreams. Once focus has been given the dreamer can start dreaming again. Dreamers need other dreamers to help them get back up on their feet after a realist has blown their dream apart and help them take the new focus and run with it.

Realists need dreamers so that change and new frontiers can be reached. If it weren’t for dreamers, realists would never get anywhere new and creative in life. Realists also need other realists to help keep the dreamers under control and to help move from one place to another because thought dreamers are good at dreaming, they are often difficult to rely on to work in the little details of getting from one step to another.

Both are good and need each other. Both are good and drive each other crazy.  =)

I am a dreamer.  =D

I reach for the clouds when people tell me that I can’t possible reach them. I run up to the roof trying to get closer to them as I stand on my tippie-toes hoping to get closer. I seek out the tallest buildings so that I can come closer to my dreams. I climb up mountains, relishing in the adventure of chasing my dream. I am the one that takes a realist with me and into the fog and says to them, “We’ve reached the clouds. Now how do we get others here?”

Lately I’ve been talking to God a lot about all sorts of things. Everything from how to reach the campus at UH better to what I’ll be doing next year, from  how to help the BCM students at UH grow more fervently to how to be a better mentor/discipler.

I dream a lot. Dreamers are cool kids.

Thank God I have realists around me to help focus my dreams and to create steps to get there.

Rainbow Turkey!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 3, 2011 by Luke Summey

So I know that I’ve mentioned that part of my ministry here at UH is to the LGBT(lesbian gay bisexual transgendered) community. Well, I have a Jesus story for you.

Arjay Gruspe (BCM Oahu Director) talked to me two weeks ago and let me know that the BCM was hoping to use some more of our funds for more direct outreach on the campus and that if any of the Epoch groups could think of a way of doing that it would be awesome. I told him that the LGBT was going to have a thanksgiving party at the end of the month we could help with, and he told me we could provide all of the food for it! Realizing this could be a huge help in reaching the LGBT community I scheduled a meeting with the UH LGBT coordinator to talk about the possibility.

This is pretty much how the conversation went:
Cam “So your club wants to pay for the food for the thanksgiving party?”
Me “Yeah! Actually, we can bring a bunch of home cooked stuff.”
Cam “…Really?”
Me “Yeah!”
Cam “Well do you want to just make this a co-sponsored event and have your people come to?”
Me “What?!….Yeah!”
Cam “Maybe the LGBT could bring desserts and you guys could do the big food?”
Me “Yeah!”
Cam “Are you thinking like…a turkey to?”
Me “You bet!”
Cam “Reeeeally?!”
Me “Yeah!”
Cam “Wow…you guys are going all out. Ok. Well do you want to be in charge of the whole event and your club can host it?”
Cam “Ok! Great! So you guys could do a fun game or something to and bring your people and we’ll just have fun!”
Me “……..Wow Cam….I’m stoked!”
Cam “Great! Oh and you can give a plug for your group and everything.”
Me “….Cam…I’m stoked!”
Cam “Me to. It’ll be great. So uh, which club do you work for again?”
Me “It’s one of the Christian groups on the campus. Only we’re not crazy. It’s the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.”
Cam “Cool. Well I’m excited!”
Then I got back to the BCM and found out that Arjay wants us to custom make them care packages to! The LGBT is about to get loved on hard core and they don’t even know!

Who’s awesome? Oh yeah. JESUS!!!!