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After telling Dad goodbye, my brother and I went to sleep in preparation for a very early morning drive. Having told my girlfriend that we would leave at 6 a.m. (arriving in Cookeville, TN at 11:00) we promptly set off at 3:30 a.m. to arrive at 8. When we arrived I called her, asking how she was. She told me that she had only been awake for roughly ten minutes. I immediately responded with, “Perfect, wanna let us in the door?” Until she opened the door she didn’t believe that we were there. Surprise!

We had a pretty busy day (I slept for several hours) before we got ready to travel around Cookeville meeting her friends and walking around TTU’s campus. It was our ten month anniversary and the first time I’d seen her in seven months! It was wonderful to be with her and to meet her friends for the first time.

I realized later in the day that I realized that I’d seen the place I wanted to propose at and so I preemptively hid the ring in her car so that as we went about during the day I would be ready and the ring wouldn’t be discoverable on my person (she was sticking rather close to me). We went to her friends birthday party and then returned to her apartment to drop my brother off as he was crazy levels of incoherent. She and I made a quick Wal*Mart run and then I convinced her to go on a walk with me around her campus again. At this point it is important to point out that it was 11:30 p.m. and near freezing with a light breeze. I used the excuse that I had been sitting down all day and needed to walk. 😉

It was the first chance she and I had had all day to be alone. It was beautiful and perfect (despite the cold). We held each other tight (partly to retain body heat and partly because, well, we’re in love and hadn’t seen each other in seven months) and proceeded to walk all the way around the campus. For those of you who don’t know, I have a kind of job interview at the end of the month where I am going to pitch a proposal for a new church plant. Katie and I talked about the plans for the meeting, my presentation, and eventually moved on to the more important details of, “What if this works? How does this effect us? What would our roles be?”  To be honest, it was a little scary. It would mean we would both be part of the church planting team. It could mean we end up doing a lot of random things in order to help the church grow and survive. What it would inevitably mean though is that I would be a pastor and Katie, a pastors wife. Scary for both of us.

Around that time we got to the car where Katie was wanting to seek warmth. Realizing, “Oh, I haven’t proposed yet and she is trying to drag us away.” I said, “Hey, can we walk another lap around?” to which she replied, “Um, no. It’s freezing cold. I can’t feel parts of my body.” I eventually got her to agree to half a lap…which turned out to mean, “We can walk to the other side of this building and back.” Katie says it’s a big building. I disagree, but wtvs.

Once on the other side I asked if we could sit on the main steps and pray over the campus, over the future church plant and over our relationship. Freezing and wrapped in each others arms, we sat down on the top step and began to pray together. I prayed first, letting loose all of my thoughts and concerns and finally letting her talk to God.

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a more beautiful prayer in my life. Katie’s slow, thought out words were so sweet, beautiful, innocent, and heartfelt that I began to cry. She thought that rain drops dripping off of the roof were falling onto her hands and she kept having to wipe them off. She was wrong, they were my tears. It was during her prayer that God spoke to me and said, “Luke, this is your future wife. The two of you  are going to walk through life together, always supporting one another. Ask her as soon as she finishes talking to me.” And that is exactly what I did. Taking a few seconds to fill my lungs after she ended her prayer I stood up. Before she had enough time to fully register the movement and try to stand herself I spun around, pulled out the ring and dropped to one knee on the steps just below her in one fluid movement. I opened the box and asked, “Katelyn Marie, be mine forever and always?”

How did she react? Apparently I caught her completely off guard because her first response was a disillusioned look and the word, “Really?” I said, “Yes babe.” and apparently that was  enough time for everything to kick in because then she said yes at least seven times. I put the ring on her there on the steps of the TN Tech nursing building and we were engaged.

Ten minutes of kisses, hugs and holding each other super tight until the reality of it sunk in we finally remember that we were both super cold and we went back to the car and sought warmth. Truth be told, cheesy as it sounds, the joy that was overwhelming me on the inside was more than enough warmth for me. I was happy. I was in love. I was engaged.


Inappropriate Time To Smile

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I’m currently sitting in the mission house that Mint Hill Baptist Church has let my family stay in each time that we have lived stated-side. Through what can only be described as Gods provision and blessings I was able to fly to North Carolina to be with the men of the Summey family and to be at my Grandfathers funeral.

The flights took a total of 19 hours of travel time. I flew from Honolulu (at 11:45 p.m.) to Seattle where I took advantage of my five hour layover by taking a rail to downtown Seattle and went to Pike Place Market, got some coffee, and saw the original Starbucks. Sidenote: Honolulu, 85 degree, Seattle: 25 degrees. I was wearing a light jacket while walking around Seattle. It took a little bit for me to remember Boone well enough to adjust and be ok. After that I flew to Chicago, and after a shorter layover made it to Charlotte at 12:05 a.m. Somehow while only 19 hours passed I left on the 8th and showed up on the 10th. Crazy, yeah?

Being with Dad, my brother and my Uncles has been really good. It’s been a long time since these members of my family have been all together (five years). I missed the visitation on Friday night by just a few hours but got to be at the funeral on Sunday. As far as funerals go, it was really good. I started the funeral with scripture and a prayer, then one of my Uncles gave their tribute to Grandpa followed by my Dad doing the same. The funeral ended with a “few” words from my Grandfathers pastor. We went to the cemetery and after ten minutes were done. It was a really nice, almost happy, funeral.

So if at this point you think the title makes no sense or better yet you feel a horrible story coming on… keep reading? In my Dad’s own words, “The funeral wasn’t so much a mourning of Grandpa’s death, but rather a celebration of his life.”  I realized the truth of this though at the wrong moment though. Before the funeral people were able to walk by the body to tell Grandpa any last things, and all around the room were pictures from Grandpa’s life. Pictures of his and Grandma’s 50th and 60th anniversaries, pictures of him at work, of my Uncles and Dad, of my sibs and myself, of him and Grandma kissing (my favorite ones), of Dad when he was my age… One of the pictures in the room was of Grandpa’s laugh. Again, quoting my Dad, “He had a laugh that started from his toe-nails up.” Grandpa had an incredible laugh.

As I was thinking about all of this in my head I realized that Grandpa lived an incredible ninety-two years and all I could do now was celebrate because he was an incredible man. A smile crept onto my face that, for several seconds, was unsupressable. However…during those moments my Uncle was taking my individual picture next to Grandpa’s body. Dad quickly came over to inform me that you don’t smile in funeral pictures. Lesson learned, inappropriate time to smile.

I don’t really regret it though. Recognizing the joy of Grandpa’s life was a incredible way to see him last. I wont smile in anther funeral picture (obviously not a good idea) but I don’t regret the picture of me smiling this time, because it captured the moment where I recognized just how incredible my Grandpa was and how much he deserved for us to celebrate his life.

Party Rock!

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So last week was the Thanksgiving Party with the LGBT; this week it was a masquerade ball!

Three friends from the BCM and I dressed up in full outfits and legit masquerade masks and went to the Winter Formal that was being hosted by HUSC (a club related to the LGBT). When we first arrived there were only about six people dancing and around thirty or so sitting down around the tables. We sat down with some friends from the LGBT for a grand total of forty-five seconds before I saw a group of twenty people by the door (looked like the party was soon to start with the new arrivals).  Immediately Billy (HUSC president, LGBT member and organizer of the masquerade) walked up to our table, looked at Sam and I in particular and said, “Um, this is a gay dance party. Get your tushes up and on the dance floor.” all while grabbing our hands and lifting us up. I took that as my cue to get on the dance floor.

As my third dance ever in life, I was encouraged to let loose by only two things: first, that Sam Bui who, having givin’ the BCM a hearty booty dance the night before, said he had never been to a dance and was therefore rigid, and second, that the LMFAO songs “Party Rock” and “Sexy and Know It” were soon playing. Both of which cause an irresistible urge to dance shamelessly. Besides that, BCM staff has become rather adept at “Shuffling”. Later that night as I won a raffle prize and had to approach the front to get it, the DJ said, “Hey, I saw you bustin’ out those fancy moves earlier. Show everybody what you was doin’!” Let me just say that if it were not for my MK ability to ignore my own culture for the sake of the culture I am ministering to I would have locked up and left the stage floor. Instead, this haole from the Middle East where men don’t dance anything other than the debqeh busted out with no shame for an audience of nearly 150, most of whom were gay and can dance way better than I. Jesus calls us to some crazy things when we let Him.

The night was a wonderful time of fellowship and hanging out with fun friends from the LGBT. In between our dance sessions and the lip-sync competition we got to walk around or sit and talk with tons of people. It was a really really good night of friendship building.

On a very different note, my grandfather passed away yesterday morning. My Dad is flying to the States and will be in NC tomorrow morning and will stay here for roughly two weeks. I may be flying out of Hawai’i earlier than planned and going to NC to be with him, my brother, and the rest of our state-side family. Please be praying for my the Summey family as they grieve our loss.

As always I would ask that you continue to pray for the LGBT , for the Outreach and Epoch teams of the BCM here at UH Manoa.