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“What’s the date today?” asked a tafeela riding on the bus.
“I don’t know,” replied a man next to him. “You’ve got a newspaper in your hand … why don’t you look at the date on it?”
“That won’t do any good,” the tafeela retorted. “This is yesterday’s paper!”

What did that have to do with anything? Well, it had nothing to do with anything. I just felt like starting with a joke from back home.

So let me tell you about how God is ridiculous (hmmm, reoccurring theme in this blog). On Tuesday I called the LGBT coordinator at UH and asked him how he felt about holding a spiritual discussion forum for the LGBT students. I let him know that for some time I’ve been upset by the amount of hurt that the LGBT community suffers from religious groups whether they be exterior, familial or personal and I wanted to know if we could do something to help heal some of that. I told him that since I work for a campus ministry and have connections with a lot of other ministries and churches that perhaps we could set up a time for the students at the LGBT to ask us questions, vent hurts and frustrations, and seek out spiritual communities that would love them. To my astonishment he not only said yes but said that he’d been hoping for something like this for some time. The next day I asked the group at Coffee Hour what they thought about it and for the first time ever, the whole group grew serious and somber and nodded their heads in knowing approval and desire for the event.

Pray pray pray pray pray that God blesses and uses this as we set up the structure for the forum and that hearts and lives will be changed as a result of this. I feel God launching out insane love strikes toward this group. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! JESUS!!! EMPOWERING CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION IN PEOPLES LIVES!!! you know, that kind stuff.

Also, pray for the BCM ministry as we’ve recently combined our two evangelism ministries and also made them ministry-wide opportunities as opposed to teams. The students are learning how to live out a missional lifestyle of love. “Each one reach one” is our goal. That means 50+ peeps gettin’ saved this semester! BYAH! Satan gonna run and hide!


Also, side note: there is a mission trip that BCM Oahu is preparing for overseas during spring break. If you want info on it email me at and I’ll send it to you.


Great Googa-Mooga’s!

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In one of my favorite comedy’s, Evolution, the story builds up to an epic moment where the main characters load a fire truck full of Head N Shoulders shampoo and have spray it via a fire-hose into a giant alien monster in order to kill it. Leading up to this point in the story they fight a lot of little aliens, but at this climactic point in the film their task becomes this: Kill the really really big one before it kills everyone! Upon first sighting of the monster the character, Ira, articulates his fear, surprise and other pant-wetting emotions and thoughts with the exclamation, “Great googa-mooga’s!”

I pretty much feel like that right now. The spring semester is always the busier and more action packed semester in college ministry but that doesn’t mean I feel prepared for it even though I see it coming. I have complied a list of things staring me in the face this semester:
-BCM Oahu: The Outreach Team and it’s hammocking/frisbee ministry
-BCM Oahu: The Epoch Team and it’s upcoming training sessions
-BCM Oahu: LGBT ministry with Epoch
-BCM Oahu: Regular staff meetings and meetings with students
-BCM Oahu: Planning and training for the Mission trip to Jordan
-Pawa’a Community Church: Men’s ministry bible study
-Fiance: Making sure she is not forgotten in the mix. Girl likes quality time (and so do I)
-Fiance: Wedding planning
-Church Plant: Preparing and planning for the church plant in Tennessee in May.

I think somewhere in there I should put inhale and exhale, but idk if I’ll have time for that.

The cool thing is that all of the above are super awesome opportunities and I’m really excited about all of them! God brought me to Hawai’i with purposes in mind and seeing opportunities for His Kingdom to advance at every corner is such a blessing. I still wake up some days and think to myself, “God has me here doing what?! That’s so crazy!” God has been preparing BCM Oahu for some really cool things and I can’t wait to see the twists, turns and fruit that bear from this semester.

Keep us in your prayers as we strive this semester to reach the Campus’s here with slogan “each one reach one”.

Great Googa-Mooga’s!!!

Really Tall Water Slide

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In August I got go to a water park in Denver, Colorado. Towards the end of the water filled fun I looked up and realized that I had yet to ride the really tall water slide. The slide stood around seventy feet high and was a dead drop until the bottom. “What a rush that would be!” I thought to myself, and then told myself, “No, to tall and to scary.” The next thing I knew i was thirty feet up a stairwell talking to a mormon girl and a few minutes later I was at the top of the water slide wondering, “Wait. What? How did I get here?” and then the slide instructor told me to cross my arms and go. All I could see was the sky above the horizon as I laid back and the next thing I knew I was plummeting straight toward the earth. For what seemed an eternity I felt my stomach lurch to a new location in my abdominal cavity. The very next thing to happen was the sick feeling left  and I felt exhilaration like I’d not felt in anything less life-threatening! It was so incredible! It lasted forever! And then it was over instantly. I was sliding towards a stop at the foot of the slide. With a splash and spray as the torpedo of my body punched water out of it’s way I slowed to a stop. It was crazy! It was over.

I feel like that, only if as soon as I stopped, I found myself standing at the front of the line again. I just went through something so crazy that I don’t know just what all happened and now that I’m confused and it’s over I’m about to embark on another crazy whirlwind adventure!

On my trip to the mainland I travelled thusly: Honolulu, HI to Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC to Boone, NC back to Charlotte, NC to Cookeville, TN to Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN back to Cookeville, TN back to Boone, NC back to Atlanta, GA back to Honolulu, HI. Yup, I drove over 2,000 miles and spent over thirty-five hours in a car and flew around 12,000 miles spending around thirty-eight hours in planes. AAAAAHHHH!!!!!! All in less than four weeks.

Grandpa’s funeral went really well. It was actually more of a celebration of his life than a time of mourning his death. Getting engaged to Katie was incredible! I’m so so so so so excited to be marrying her! Can’t wait! Seeing both sides of her family and spending Christmas with them and my brother was wondrous! My meeting to arrange whether or not I can start a church plant in Cookeville went super well and so in May I’m going to move there and we’re going to start a church! Katie and I did the first half of our pre-marital counseling and it went super well! So much fun! And let me just say, Passion 2012 was incredible! 45,000 college students worshiping God and learning from some of the most challenging speakers of our time! Not only that, but with a focus on ending human trafficking, students gave 3.1 million dollars to organizations to support the cause and take a stand! CNN even did a spot on it!

Now I’m back in Hawai’i and I’m about to drop down another crazy ride! This semester is going to be so intense! We’re challenging students with the theme “Love Loud” and the challenge to “Each One Reach One”. We’re pushing evangelism hard this semester! We want to be a part of God changing lives! We have so much new stuff set up that I can’t even keep track of it all yet! God is about to do some crazy things in Hawai’i! Just you wait!