Final Sprint

This past month has been a final sprint with ministry here at BCM Oahu. All of us interns were encouraged to refocus on our teams as we were nearing our final team meetings and we were also encouraged to pour into the students we’ve been discipling (and some we hadn’t been) with doubled time and energy. It’s been a month of growing and learning to hone in on specific areas of need. It’s been a whirlwind.

A lot of really cool things have been happening. A lot of students have grown in really cool ways. They’ve been challenging themselves, and rising to challenges we’ve set before them. There is even going to be a student leadership team next year because five students have agreed to take up leadership roles that we interns have been fulfilling this year. I really can’t wait to hear stories from next year. =)

For me it’s been a weird month. I’ve had more to focus on here, more to work on for the wedding and more to work on with move and church plant in Cookeville. Weird as it is, the closer I get to seeing Katie, the harder it seems to be and the more I miss her. I only have two more weeks here in Honolulu. Actually, just nine days. It’s weird. It’s going to be so hard to leave the people I love here, to leave the culture, the islands… But it’s going to be really exciting to move to Cookeville and start the Church Plant. It’ll be the adventure of a lifetime to marry Katie. I’ve been in a bittersweet place for days now, and it’s only increasing in strength and perplexity.

Pray for the upcoming student leaders. Pray that they will grow over the summer and challenge other students to follow their example and grow and lead.


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